A Letter from a Former Australian Olympic Swimmer to the Chairman of Chinese Olympic Committee


Dear Mr Zhenliang He,

I recently forwarded information to you (22/1/2001) with regard to Falun Dafa. Further to this I would like to raise some issues which I have also asked the Executive of the International Olympic Committee to respond to.

As I previously stated I am a former Australian Olympic Swimmer – Tokyo 1964. I have always been proud of my Olympic background and all that being an Olympian stands for. I am a professional Human Resources Manager with a reputable Project Engineering Company.

I am also proud to have been a Falun Dafa practitioner for over two years and cannot speak highly enough of the practice and its positive benefits.

China could have taken a different approach to Falun Dafa as it really does teach you Truth, Compassion and Forbearance and brings out only the good qualities in people. Falun Dafa is definitely not a political organization. The only interest practitioners have is improving themselves, their thoughts and attitude in all facets of their daily lives, aligned with Zhen, Shan, Ren to enlighten to the best they personally can.

As you are aware the honors bestowed by worldwide Governments and Non-Government organizations on Mr Li Hongzhi and the fact that the amazing and enlightening practice of Falun Dafa was brought to us by a Chinese person is something of which China should have been so proud.

I would appreciate if you could respond to the following questions that I have also posed to the International Olympic Committee so as to alleviate my concerns if China is successful in securing the 2008 Olympics.

· Will Falun Dafa practitioners be allowed to attend the Olympics – bearing in mind practitioners may not only be spectators like myself but athletes and officials as well?
· How will the Chinese Olympic Committee guarantee the safety of myself and other Falun Dafa international practitioners attending the Olympics? The number of Falun Dafa practitioners outside of China is steadily increasing and could total hundreds of millions by 2008.
· How will the Chinese Olympic Committee guarantee that our personal belongings such as Falun Dafa books and tapes of the music for exercising are not confiscated on arrival, which is the practice that occurs in China today for International Falun Dafa practitioners?

· 是否允许法轮大法修炼者参加奥林匹克运动会--请注意修炼者将不仅是象我这样的观众,也会是运动员或官员?
· 中国奥委会将如何保证我和其他出席奥运会的各国法轮大法修炼者的安全?中国境外法轮大法修炼者的人数在持续增加,到2008年可能会达到几亿人。
· 中国奥委会将如何保证在我们抵达中国时个人物品,如法轮大法书籍和炼功音乐磁带等不被没收?中国现在就是这样对待国外的法轮大法修炼者的。

As I previously stated in my correspondence of 22/1/2001, I am not against the Chinese people being awarded the 2008 Olympics – provided all world cultures and spiritual practices are embraced by China. If they are accepting of these issues they will have to change their attitude dramatically in regards to their Human Rights issues.

At present China’s approach to Human Rights is quite unacceptable to the majority of countries who compete at the Olympics and totally unacceptable to myself as a former Olympian who has high standards of sportsmanship, morality and ethics. To know that 170 of my fellow practitioners have been brutally tortured to death and thousands imprisoned without trial, treated with extreme cruelty and indignity, just for following their conscience, is heart wrenching.
现在中国对于人权问题的处理方式,对于参加奥运会比赛的大多数国家来说是不可接受的,对于象我这样的对运动员品质, 道德, 及伦理有高标准的前奥运会选手来说,更是无法接受的。获知已有170位我的同修被残酷地折磨致死,还有数万人未经审判便被关入狱,承受着无法想象的酷刑与侮辱,我的心如刀绞,因为他们仅仅是不愿放弃他们自己的良心。

I look forward to your early response to these very important issues of concern.

Yours faithfully

Jan Becker