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 什么时候我们才能最后说服中国在保护其公民基本权利上履行她的义务?
 什么时候中国才能结束对其国内的法轮功学员的无情打压?
 什么时候学炼法轮功的加拿大公民、永久居民及他们的亲属能够在回国居住、探亲时不需要害怕被捕、被押、被折磨甚至因之而死?





 现在我们没有时间怯懦,
 现在我们没有时间只考虑贸易,
 现在我们没有时间担心奥林匹克的申请;
 现在我们要为权利而奋斗!

我们知道压力可以产生不同的后果 - 我们见证了中国释放了加拿大公民和法轮功学员张昆仑教授。


 现在我们没有时间沉默;
 现在我们要为权利而奋斗!

Speech by Alex Neve,
secretary General of Amnesty International of Canada
during press conference on May 31

 When will China finally be persuaded to live up to its obligations to protect the basic human rights of its citizens?
 When will the relentless Campaign of persecution of Falun Gong followers in China come to an end?
 When will Canadian citizens, permanent residents and relatives of Canadians, who choose to practice Falun Gong, be able to live in or visit China without fear of being arrested, detained, tortured and of possibly even dying as a result?

China’s record of human rights persecution continues to be abysmal. The international community, including Canada, continues to bear the shame of failing to decisively take China to task for that record.

And today we have news that among the many thousands and thousands who continue to suffer repression in China, a Canadian permanent resident, Zhu Ying, everything points to the almost inescapable conclusion that she was arrested in China, probably 3 weeks ago, because of her adherence to Falun Gong. AI has every reason to believe she may be a Prisoner of Concience, imprisoned because of her beliefs.

And we knew as well that Canadian citizen Li Jinyu’s husband remains in detention, again because of his Falun Gong beliefs.

These cases with Canadian connections must be an obsolute priority for the Canadian government. Once again we call on the government to do more to ensure that the rights of, not only Zhu Ying and Lin Shenli - Li Jinyu’s husband, all respected; but also that the repressive crackdown against Falun Gong comes to an end and that China ensures that the basic rights and freedom of all its citizens all consistently upheld.

 Now is not the time to be shy,
 Now is not the time to think only of trade,
 Now is not the time to worry about Olympic bids;
 Now is the time for rights!

We know that pressure can make a difference – we witnessed that in the release of Canadian citizen and Falun Gong follower Prof. Kunlun Zhang.

But as the thousands, possibly tens of thousands of detained Falun Gong practitioners to mounts; as the systematic torture of Falun Gong practitioner continues; as the number of Falun Gong followers who have died following torture grows.

 Now is not the time for silence;
 Now is the time for rights!

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